What country’s cuisine is the healthiest?

There was a study done to identify which country’s cuisine was the healthiest choice for people. Believe it or not, African countries had some of the healthiest diets in the world. On the other end of the scale, countries such as Belgium and Hungary have the worst diets. We will cover this more in our Dictionary Project, but for now read the research below.


The Global Study

The study was conducted by researchers which had it published in the Lancet Global Health journal. The study looked at the diets of around 4.5 billion people spanning 187 countries. The study claimed that although healthy foods have been on the rise, unhealthy foods have been right behind it. Healthy food has increased during the past two decades but foods such as sweetened drinks and processed meat has offered unhealthy food choices as well.

Who Performed the Worse?

During 1990 until 2010, countries with high-income saw a lot of the improvement of diet quality increase. Overall these countries did reduce their unhealthy foods that they chose to consume but this wasn’t enough to shift the health of these countries. In countries such as Canada, United States, Australia, and Western Europe have shown to have some of the worst diets around the world. An interesting piece of data showed that countries like China and India saw no improvement of their diet quality. It simply was stagnant. Other countries that scored low include Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and other center European countries.

Who Rose Among the Rest?

Other countries in the Mediterranean including Greece and Turkey largely consume healthy foods. Low income countries did the same as well such as Chad and Mali. Looking at all of the data, a lot of African countries had healthy diets.

Now you may be wondering why African countries are able to maintain a better diet overall compared to other countries around the world. To simply put it, they don’t have access to the junk food we see everywhere in North America. You can’t pass a city that doesn’t have at least one McDonalds when looking in North America. The general African diet also consists of a lot of lean meats and vegetables such as beans. They also consume a lot of legumes and rice which when put together, offer a better diet. The fact that we have so much access to cheap junk food, causes most first-world countries to be pulled down with their food choices. Now first-world countries do have fantastic diets, it is just that we have these junk foods available which causes the rankings to shift.

The Healthiest

  1. Chad

Located in Africa like many of the other healthiest countries, this country doesn’t have as much access to the unhealthy foods we see in North America. The result is a solid diet that hasn’t worsened.

  1. Sierra Leone

This country is located in West Africa and maintains the second best diet on a global scale. Not nearly as good as Chad this country is still far healthy compared to others.

  1. Mali

Another country located in West Africa, Mali takes the third place for a healthy diet. As stated with Chad, these diets are set to stay this way until there ends up being a McDonald’s on every street corner.

The Unhealthiest

  1. Armenia

Armenia can be found in the Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. This country ranks number one when it comes to eating. Their diet is the worst in the world when comparing to 186 other countries.

  1. Hungary

Coming in at second place for the unhealthiest diets, Hungary has not seen much improvement of their diets.

  1. Belgium

The third worst country for their diet is Belgium. While being in Western Europe, it is currently unable to improve its diet.

Wrapping Things Up

Looking at the various diets around the world, it can be seen that an all-natural diet with lean meats will go a long way. This can be clearly seen in Africa since they have the best diets in the world. It’s just a matter of resisting the temptation to consume junk food and force yourself to adapt to a healthy diet. This will be the only way that North America and Western Europe will ever compete with countries in Africa such as Chad.

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