Dictionary Project

The goal of our Dictionary Project is to provide a description and meanings of main things related to food, health and related matters.

Of course, you might think that’s impossible to achieve, but we’re not hurrying and have a plenty of time. Also, the project is ongoing and is not likely to end in the nearest future.

Below we want to describe what we want to achieve.


There’s a need of standardized approach to this issue. Of course, we know about the existence of internet, but with the amount of information there’s currently it’s often hard to make a meaningful and unbiased judgement on a number of issues. Almost any topic that gets raised receives a portion of attention (which, of course, is good), but along with that, also a hurricane of critics, points of view that not based on facts, etc. So, our main purpose is do scour all this and provide you with real information you can use.

What we’re going to cover

The title of our site is “Where will you dine?”, so it comes without saying that we’re interested in all things food, nutrition, health. You can find a range of latest articles from our contributors on the main page of our site here. Some extra information about our authors – we have spent an enormous amount of time to find people who love what they love and are happy to present the extensive knowledge they have in a form of a blog that is accessible for all kinds of readers we’re proud to have as our audience.

On top of that, and it’s actually more of a requirement of the today’s trends, we have decided to create a short directory of dietary supplements. This is very related to our main focus – food, gastronomy and health. So, below you will find a list of products we either recommend, or have tried ourselves. They will come along with brief descriptions and links for you to follow and find more information. We will also come with our critics here, and these will likely to be the vast majority of things you like because, honestly, not of all the products in our industry are worth even a mention, anyway we take the effort to cover them as well.

As was said above already, with all the plethora of data you can find online nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly hard to understand some basic things like “is A is more effective than B, and differs them both from C“. Of course, we don’t have goal of providing all answers for all questions you might have in a form of short articles (that is impossible), but we make sure to present information in a way, that will make it easier for you to come with your own conclusions.

So, we will try below to do our best in providing our visitors will processed data on topics they are really interested in. And we know what you like based on a numerous surveys we had and keep running, PLUS based on all the feedback we receive from you – it’s by the way both positive and negative – and we thank you for both!

The project is only starting, so you can let us know what you want to be covered in Dictionary Project by contacting us here. Please mention “Dictionary Project” in subject of your inquiry. For the same reason that the project is starting, information below will appear as we’re done with research & writing, and on the bottom of the page you will be able to see the latest update date.